Second Lockdown in Saigon

Expat Life Jul 24, 2021

First Directive 16 ended but the the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City decided to continue it for another two weeks. A couple days ago, there were nearly 4900 new Covid cases recorded in Saigon. The Covid-19 D variant is spreading faster here especially in the cramped alleyways. Below you can see the distribution of current infections across Ho Chi Minh City:


Edit: 5396 news cases were reported today. This is the highest recorded number of new cases yet in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Streets are still dead

Well, at least in my area. De Tham street is normally packed. I am just not used to seeing this. As you can tell, many businesses are shuttered. I am curious to see how many ones will open up after the second Directive 16 ends. Co Bac at the intersection is still blocked off. The area to the right of this photo has many cases.

De Tham street, July 24, 2021, during second lockdown.

The Thoc Grill & Craft Beer had to close both of their locations on De Tham street. During the previous Directives, they actually stayed open. They have two locations on this street.

Thoc Grill and Craft Beer hurting this time around.

This small shop is the only one open now. You cannot walk inside but at least I can get some drinks, snacks and Mobicard there still. There used to be two Vinmarts within walking distance. Both have closed in the last year.

Only shop open on this section of De Tham now.

No construction allowed

This Novoland project was halted during Directive 16 as well. They had one positive covid case. It is quite quiet now because they are not in operation now. Less dust flying around too. I suspect they will start working again in about 2 weeks.

Manhatten Apartments Construction halted.

Family Mart closed

I got to Family Mart and was surprised to see black plastic along their walls inside of the store. I was just here 4 days ago.  It does explain why there were no sandwiches or origini (rice balls) during my last visit. It is a good location so the renovation should be quick.

Edit: It is open again.

Family Mart was closed.
Black plastic along the walls but you can tell lights are still on inside.

Circle K to the rescue

I decided to cross the street and buy what I needed at Circle K. They were only allowed 2 customers inside. No worry, not many people were here. Plus, they did not have many items to buy.

Since I still need to stock up on noodles and vegetables, I will make a walk to Bach Hoa Xanh in a couple days. There is one on De Tham but last time I could not get in. The last resort is to order via again.

Quiet Walk Home

The walk home was nice again. Not much traffic. I did manage to take a video. I will bring my GoPro next time so you can get an idea of what life in Lockdown Saigon is like. Until then, here is a shaky shot instead:

Walk on Co Bac Street during the Saigon Lockdown.



A Japanese Amerasian's Journey from the Caspian Sea to Vietnam. I am a RPCV Kazakhstan and a former US Marine. I am also the Tech, Social Media & Marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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