Saigon Ride 2 - District 1 to Evo Strength & Fitness (Q.7)

Saigon Ride 2 - District 1 to Evo Strength & Fitness (Q.7)

My ride from District 1 of Saigon to Evo Strength & Fitness (now closed) in District 7 during the morning weekday traffic jam. As you can see from the previous video, I drive a bit more aggressive when I head to District 7. If you cannot be assertive in your riding skills in Saigon, you might as well take a taxi.

On this day, though, traffic moved a bit fast during this shot since the bridge going to District 7 is normally heavily congested. That is when you see cars moving into the motorbike lanes creating huge bottle necks. It was actually a good day to ride. This is the third time I edited an entire video with Filmora X. I have not worked on the lighting much since most of the video was not sliced. I did experiment more with transitions between sliced videos. I also finally got the music ending to "end" more smoothly. In a future video I will use moving maps as well as titles.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Source: Matsunaga's Odyssey

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