Saigon Full Lockdown Day 5

Expat Life Jul 30, 2021

I ventured out today in one of my 2 "Essential" passes. I needed some extra food. I always want to have about a week's worth of meals in my room. The Covid positive cases seemed to have "stabilized" to around 4500 cases per day. This morning there are 2740 new cases which is a bit scary. Based on the previous numbers, this means today's cases could go as high as 5500 with current trends. Lets hope for the best.

Edit: The total number was 4282 new cases in HCMC today. It seems that the local authorities were able to contain the spread now. Many are hoping that the numbers will go lower tomorrow so that August 1st things can be relaxed a bit.

Today's number of new Covid cases in HCMC is 2740 as of this morning.

Banh Mi Theory

There is an interesting theory called the "Banh Mi Theory" going around the city. The theory states that tomorrow, July 31st, the numbers will start to drop. It was an interesting read. I may post the article later if I can find it. Technically, with the lockdowns, the local authorities should have contained the coronavirus already.

Another theory is that Covid-19 D variant was already present in the city. They are just catching it now because of mass testing. Majority of the cases are still in isolated or quarantine areas.

A friend also mentioned that a building that hosted a large massage parlor just ended their lockdown last weekend. That is surprising since they all were supposed to be closed in early May. That means this particular massage parlor was operating through June. Arghh. It would be terrible if husbands/boyfriends brought Covid-19 back to their families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors FROM the massage parlors.  

The Walk

On my way to Bach Hoa Xanh, I saw these medical workers spraying thsi business. This would be my second time seeing this happen. It means someone tested postives for Covid-19. I am not surprised since there is a small cluster of positive tested people in the alleyways behind this building.

To the left medical workers are spraying a suspected business for Covid-19.

Co Bac to Nguyen Thai Hoc is still closed. There are some big clusters with the connected alleyways here included at least 60 people who are infected. The good news is that within a week, they should be opening it up again since they all have quarantined for over a month now.

Co Bac still closed (You can also see the green Bach Hoa Xanh store to the left).

Bach Hoa Xanh

I am too scared to take some photos. They would take it personal. Prices are higher than usual. I should have bought some of the things on the street and save at least 50%. Most of the items I needed were not available so I ended up buying sports drinks, some noodles and cha ca (fish cake). Still, with this load I am okay through next week.

Tomorrow or Sunday, I will have to walk to an ATM to get some cash. I guess we are allowed to but I never saw any police. Seems that District 1 is bit lax since most people do follow the rules here. Then again, the original Saigonese are from this area. :-)

Stay safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated.



A Japanese Amerasian's Journey from the Caspian Sea to Vietnam. I am a RPCV Kazakhstan and a former US Marine. I am also the Tech, Social Media & Marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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