Memories of Vietmindo Coal Mining

2009 visit to the Vietmindo Coal Mining company in Uong Bi, Vietnam.

Memories of Vietmindo Coal Mining
Coal weighing bridge for Vietmindo, Uong Bi, Vietnam

Once upon a time I consulted with Vietmindo, a joint venture coal mining company in Uong Bi, Vietnam, just outside of Haiphong. I was referred to them after they were having problems finding consultants to to audit their project. Back in 2009, I ran a business consulting firm that focus on technology.

Vietmindo was keeping track of their coal via weighing bridges. Since their trucks were carrying the coal from the mine to port, they wanted to know how much coal was being lost in the process. Lost was a euphemism for stolen in this case.

It was an interesting trip. I had a good consultant who worked in the mining industry back in Canada. I brought him along, paid him well, and we gave Vietmindo a solution.

Vietnam has high quality anthracite coal used in steel making. It's main exporter was to Japan at the time.

A year later, they wanted to consult on another project to increase security around the facility. I brought in consultants but unfortunately we could not take the project. Drones would have been great then but they were still somewhat crude then.

Below are some pictures from the trip in 2009.

Yes, this was during my pre-sustainability days.

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