Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023!!!

Happy New Year 2023
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I just realized this will be my first New Years in the US since 2011 and only my second since 2004. As some of you may have noticed, I returned to the US on Sept. 30, 2022. I have been here in the US for 3 months. This is the longest time I spent in the US since leaving for Vietnam in 2004.

Why I left Vietnam?

There are several reasons I left Vietnam. I know it sounds strange since I was working on a educational project for several kindergartens my friend ran. So why would I leave?

First reason dealt with my visa. I needed to get it renewed. The second reason dealt with renewing my teaching credentials.

My visa issue should have been resolved easily. I was working with my now ex-friend who ran several popular restaurants in Vietnam. We all know the one. I administered the delivery systems, controlled the marketing, handled Expatriate relationships, and took care of the IT. We had a financial agreement and he was going to sponsor my temporary resident card (TRC).

He never kept his end of the bargain. Even worse, he never renewed my 5 year visa every 3 months. By the time I arrived to immigration, I had to answer to immigration officials why visa was not extended. In the end, I had to pay a 4 million VND fine and had my visa extended to September 30th for 250,000 VND.

Since I was helping my friend with her kindergartens, she offered to sponsor my visa and TRC. All I needed was to get my teaching credentials renewed. A process not easily done in Vietnam. So I decided to return.

I am now back in the US. Enjoying it. Loving the stability and, umm, clean air.

What next?

I am still deciding whether I will return to Vietnam or not. I completed a Javascript course over two weeks ago. Well more, a review. I completed my Salesforce Certified Admin course a couple days ago. I just need to prepare for the examination.

2023 is full of options.

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