Fukuoka, Japan (Hakata)

Fukuoka, Japan, was the city we fly to when visiting Sasebo. Fukuoka has a lot of history. Many people still call it Hakata so you will hear this name used interchangeably with Fukuoka.  I got to spend an overnight on my way back to Kazakhstan in 2015 to meet my Japanese friend. I also wanted to get a Yamato model at Yodobushi to take with me back to Kazakhstan.

Hakata Station

Yodobushi Hakata

Space Battleship Yamato

I always wanted a model of the Yamato. I found them at Yodobushi and I was able to carry it back to Kazakhstan. Finally, I brought it to Vietnam and gave it to my friend. I was worried that once I built it, it would be damaged in a move. In the future I will get another Yamato model.

Samurai watches

My friend in Kazakhstan asked me to find him these two watches. I found them at Yodobushi Hakata.

Fukuoka at night

Mare Asadora

I took these photos in my hotel room. I took them because this was the first Asadora I watched both in Kazakhstan and in Japan. I would see this episode about a month later through subtitles.


Not my video but this one was used to promote Fukuoka by the city government. A great video.

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