Final year for Japan's F-4EJ Phantom II (JASDF)

Japan Jan 10, 2021

You will see many posts here about aviation. Besides motorcycles, I have a love of airplanes. I am particular fond of the Japan Air Self Defense Force's fleet. One of the theme for videos of Aviation Vloggers last year involves the retirement of the F-4EJ Phantom II in Japan. It is an old plane but most standards and with the arrival of the new F-35s in Japan, the old "Rhinos" are being phased out.

Below could be one of the last videos of the Phantoms flying in Japan. Great aerial shots.  

Source: 読売新聞オンライン動画



A Japanese Amerasian's Journey from the Caspian Sea to Vietnam. I am a RPCV Kazakhstan and a former US Marine. I am also the Tech, Social Media & Marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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