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Brief update on returning to my EdTech project.

EdTech Startup Activity
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Edit: I will not move to Dallas, Texas.

Yes, I am more active again. I got back developing both apps and websites once I was settled and rested in the US. I am also going to set up my EdTech startup, which will be part of the next Founder Institute Startup Accelerator class beginning on March 7th.


The EdTech project I am working on is just a continuation of KiddySTEM. KiddySTEM was the project I was working in Vietnam. With my STEM teaching background, I really wanted to focus on this type of project to promote STEM in Vietnam.

I was quite lucky, my friend ran a preschool, so I got to try my app with the children. The app needed first focus on English teaching. Later I could focus on STEM.

My original KiddySTEM project in Vietnam.

It was a challenge, many classes did not go as planned, but I learned a lot. I was quite busy at home updating my lesson plans and the app. I even worked with a book publisher to test their books.

Sadly, as you can tell, it ended in August 2022. It had nothing to do with the lessons or school. You can see my work dropped off in August. I just could not focus on any work during that time.

I was just supposed to return to the US for a couple months and returned. After seeing all the opportunities in the US, I stayed.

KiddySTEM Part II

I returned to this project last month and, lucky for me, I still have access to the preschool to test the new prototype app. Even better, I have students in Kazakhstan that asked me to help them learn English. I am projecting to have up to six schools who students may use my app during the test phase.

Quite exciting.

I plan to blog more when the startup is set up. I need to move first. Until the next post, cheers and stay warm.

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