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Airline Commericials for Vietnamese Airlines

I am an airline buff, have been all of my life.  Hence in every country I live in, I like to find out about the airlines and aviation community.  I have met aspiring Vietnam Airline pilots, met real airline pilots and even met an aspiring air traffic controller.  Today I will post some airline commercials […]

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Mekong University, Vinh Long, Vietnam

Mekong University (Vinh Long Province)

Last weekend I went on a short day trip with Protekus and KKB to Vinh Long Province to visit the Mekong University (Cuu Long University).  The Mekong University is about 20 minutes outside of Vinh Long City.  We estimated they had between 3000-4000 students.  It is a fairly new university expecting to expand in the future.  There will be a strong international component when their overseas partner universities arrive to the university in the future. (more…)

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Can Tho Bridge, Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho Bridge

Last Saturday, Protekus Security Solutions, a security startup I run with Japanese and Vietnamese partners, had a meeting with a client in the Vinh Long Province.  After our meeting, our driver and the Assistant General Director from KKB wanted to see the new Can Tho Bridge which was just about 24 km away from where we were at.  The last time I visited Can Tho as in January, 2009, so this would be the first time I got to see the new bridge as well. It was supposed to have been a short trip but overall, the round trip to the Can Tho Bridge added about 1 hour 30 minutes to our business trip.  (more…)

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