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New Android User in Saigon

Another Android Convert in Saigon

My friend returned from Malaysia with her new Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet.  I remember back in October, 2008, people thought I was crazy for using an G1 Android phone here in Saigon.  Three and a half years later, people are now asking me what version of Android I am using.  It is great but (more…)

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Nguyen Trai Street, District 1 (Saigon, Vietnam)

My District 1 (Saigon)

This is the first time I could really get a shot of this picture on my motorbike.  There is a new building near the alleyway where I live along Nguyen Trai Street.  I can’t wait until they finish since it is making the alleyway a bit cramp.  The building will most likely be  a hotel.  There are roughly 3 new hotels where I live which means I will be seeing more tourists around here. (more…)

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