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Sites'n Bites Korean American Blogger in Saigon

Sites’n Bites – A Korean American Blogger in Saigon

Today I met up with Jen (@sitesnbite), the Korean American blogger behind Sites’n Bites at Coffee Beans.  She is a fellow Seattleite who has lived in Saigon for over two years and recently began working for one of the Big 4 auditing firms.  She has one of the few blogs (more…)

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Seattle's Best Coffee

Highlands Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee Clone?

I first visited my first Highlands Coffee by the Opera House in District 1 back in 2003.  Since that time, I had visited many of the Highlands as they starting spreading across Saigon.  One of the questions I always asked to myself, though, was whether it was a Seattle’s Best Coffee clone. (more…)

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Chicken with Koumi Sauce - Itsumo Japanese Restaurant

Itsumo – My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Saigon

[quote float=”right”]SaigonNezumi’s Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Saigon[/quote]

This may seem like a Japanese week on my blog since in the last 5 days I have eaten at 3 Japanese restaurants.  Remember, I am half-Japanese and I was raised on Japanese food.  It is the best food in the world, in my  biased half-Japanese opinion.  Today I visited the newly opened Itsumo Japanese Restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao.  It is now one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. (more…)

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Sushi Dining Aoi - Saigon, Vietnam

Sushi Dining Aoi – New restaurant in Saigon

There is another Japanese sushi restaurant in town.  Though Sushi Dining Aoi has been open since January, my visit there yesterday was the first time I was able to take some pictures.  I went there with Thuy (@betoneko) and her friend, An.  Both studied in Kyushu for many years and are lovers of Japanese food.  Sushi Dining Aoi is located (more…)

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