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HR Company Scams in Vietnam

Be wary of HR boutique companies in Vietnam

Edit: For legal purposes, I was asked to remove company names from this post.

Since my brief consulting stint helping a previous clientin the investment sector find some employees in 2006, I have, off and on, helped companies and organizations find potential candidates and interns.   I got paid pretty good for finding some staff members for my client.  A couple other companies later hired me as a consultant to interview potential candidates.  I even joined a Vietnamese company a couple years ago and posted jobs online for their HR company.  When candidates were matched, I would get paid a couple months later.  I called it easy money back then.

Unfortunately (more…)

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Orion NewTech logo

Fraudulent Website: Orion NewTech


March, 14, 2014

Dinh Nguyen is still illegally operating OrionNewTech in Vietnam and has made no efforts to pay the money he owes me.

It seems that the theme of the last couple of weeks are Expats and Vietnamese websites copying content and ideas from other websites.  My blog gets copied alot, I am used to that but when I found a website of my old company, that I shutdown, online, that surprised me. (more…)

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