And back to Hygraph

Back to Hygraph for quicker development with SvelteKit. I was using headless WordPress but needed to get a site up fast.

And back to Hygraph

About ten days ago, I wrote about how I enjoyed using headless WordPress. Several days later, I used Hygraph for another SvelteKit project. What surprised me was that I actually enjoyed using Hygraph the second time around. Even better, using headless WordPress helped me understand how I can use Hygraph better for a project.

In the future, I will still use WordPress as the headless CMS for several of my projects. I just will not use the shared hosting version. I need to have better control over the server. Hence, I will need to get my own LEMP server running again. Due to time limitations, I will postpone that part for next month or early 2023. I am planning on installing Coolify then to run both my headless WordPress instances, and SvelteKit builds and deployments.

Currently, I need to get a project website up fast. I did not want to use REST API to fetch the data. I needed to secure it. All of this can be down with headless WordPress. It was faster for me to use Hygraph to get the components set up so I can fetch with the GraphQL. API. Within a week, I finished the website.

I did not have to worry about which plugins to choose or configure a server. I liked that. And the components and models were simpler to set up.

This weekend I have to get another project site up fast. I will use Hygraph for this project as well. Then I can revert to headless WordPress.

The joys of having good options with Jamstack and headless CMSs.

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