A short walk (Saigon Lockdown Day 11)

Vietnam Jul 20, 2021

After being cooped up for about 6 days, I needed to walk to Family Mart to get some fruits, snacks and drinks. We are allowed to walk to buy food items during Directive 16 here in Saigon. Today there was a little bit more traffic on De Tham street and quite a few people as well. Still, it was easy to social distance from everyone.

Empty streets (Co Bac street in front of Family Mart in District 1.

Again, despite seeing more motorbikes, the streets are still empty. At this intersection, during a normal day I would be fighting for my life as I crossed the sidewalks. Not today obviously.

Circle K is allowed to stay open during Directive 16 (Saigon, Vietnam).

I made it to Family Mart. I could have gone to Bach Hoa Xanh but they have been price gouging.  I will go there in a couple days to get more vegetables and fruits. I also miss the vegetarian cha gio as well.

In front of Family Mart (Saigon, Vietnam).

I do visit Family Mart more often now though they do not have my favorite sandwiches or rice balls (origini) at the moment.

Social distancing required, only 5 customers allowed inside at Family Mart.

I was suprised at the line. Six days ago there was no line. It seems Family Mart is now only allowed to have 5 people inside at the time. There were two people ahead of me. The wait was short but once I got inside, there was probably 10 people, not 5.

I was surprised at the amount of fresh vegetables. I even found my bananas, some instant miso soup and fried tofu. It also seems that Family Mart may have lowered their prices. Need to double check that. On a normal day, this Family Mart would be packed with students.

Filthy Vegan (left) is closed due to Directive 16. Ahead is the closed portion of Co Bac.

On the way back I took a shot of the closed portion of Co Bac street. Co Giang should be blocked off as well. This is really the only area with a large number of Covid cases where I live. The area I walked in is one of the bubbles with only a couple Covid cases. In my alleyway, knock on wood, there are no infections.

Filthy Vegan is one of the vegan places I normally sit to have coffee with the owner. He has been affected by the pandemic. If there was no pandemic, there could be several Filthy Vegans in Saigon by now. The question now is whether he will survive. That is the question many business owners are asking in Vietnam right now.

Yesterday's new infections in Ho Chi Minh City was roughy 3100, down from roughly 4700 on Sunday. Today it the count started at 1500 so hopefully the spread of infections have finally been contained.



A Japanese Amerasian's Journey from the Caspian Sea to Vietnam. I am a RPCV Kazakhstan and a former US Marine. I am also the Tech, Social Media & Marketing guy for Baba's Kitchen.

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