My genes are responsible for me not learning a tonal language


23andme just did an update that allowed me to see the results of more of my genes. The most interesting gene that I looked at was for SNP rs41310927. This gene has been studied linking it to the ability to learn tonal languages (see end of article).

Hence, if a person’s can learn a tonal language, it must come from their genes. My results below T / T are converted to A / A which means I have the lowest ability to learn a tonal language. Maybe this is why I struggle learning both Vietnamese and Mandarin? In the past, my Russian teacher in the US stated that I could not hear tones. So maybe the study is true. We will just have to wait and see.

What do you think? How about your results for this SNP?

SNP rs41310927 results from 23andme
SNP rs41310927 results from 23andme