WeGene says I am part Chinese


    About a month ago I decided to to upload my 23andme dna results to WeGene. Within a day I got my results. Just look at the image below, WeGene says I am part Chinese.

    WeGene results from 23andme data
    WeGene results from 23andme data
    It also said I have Kyrgyz blood as well!

    I doubt this though. The database is still small. It should read that I am 50 percent Japanese with almost 2 percent East Asian. I suspect in a couple years the results will get much larger.

    WeGene is consistent with 23andme and MyHeritage stating I am 47 percent European. All three said I was Japanese as well but only 23andme said I was 50 percent Japanese.

    I am curious to see future updates from all three services in the future.