Air Quality in Saigon 


I brought my AQI monitor to Saigon. I was curious to see the air quality. Saigon’s air is getting worse but I would argue it has always been bad. I still remember my black feet when moving to a villa in Thu Duc back in 2004.

Anyway, here is a reading I got from the room I am staying in.  Not bad. With the air conditioner on, it drops below 50 which is healthy.

I did a calibration test by comparing this reader with the US Consulate reading here in Saigon. My AQI gave me a reading of 84 PM2.5 while the US Consulate gave a reading of 78. I was about 1 km away.

I will do a more thorough review later.

Saigon AQI reading in house
Saigon AQI reading in house


  1. I’ve been wanting to get one. Is it possible to order from Alibabaexpress I wonder? Also, does your give both PM2.5 and PM10 readings? Does is have any of the other sensors as well? As a bit of a data geek (A.K.A. math teacher…) I would love to have this for my own use but also I’m sure it wold lend to some great class activities.

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