Troi oi Hibery!!!

Memory Post: I was teaking Hibery at the American International School back in 2008.  I was surprised when I saw her doing this.  These guys were one of my best ICT students ever.  Yes, she is editing a website by hand (HTML).  I miss those days. 🙁

Okay, I think Hibery is making herself way too comfortable in my computer lab, don’t you think?

Troi oi Hibery!

  • kwan

    I like the little CJ7. My inlaws brought us back one from Hong Kong. 🙂

  • 🙂 Its the white circle creature, right? I just took this shot after I saw her stuff animals. She will kill me on Monday since I posted her photo on Yahoo 360 as well.

    How are things? I am looking at Joomla seriously now. I want to do themes with both Joomla and Plone. WordPress is great but I am seeing some weaknesses now. Mostly design issues.

  • itdoesntmatter

    “troi oi hibery” lmao funny title 😀

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