My trips since moving to Kazakhstan

Air Astana (Almaty to Saigon)
Air Astana

One of the big benefits since moving to Almaty, Kazakhstan, over a year ago is that I am able to take more trips then I normally would.  From May, 2010, until November, 2013, I did not travel anywhere except for a short trip to Can Tho in south Vietnam.  Since I started working in Almaty a year ago, I have traveled back to Saigon, Vietnam, 4 times (next month will be my fifth round trip back to Vietnam), visited Indonesia (I still got more Indonesia blog posts coming), Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s article I will visit India this weekend.  I even got to pass through Bangkok, Thailand, last month.

In 2015, I plan to travel less, just flying to Vietnam on holidays with possibly one trip back to India and even Dubai.  By Summer, 2015, I plan to only make business trips as I start focusing on doing consulting and IT work as I start to transition away from education again (3-5 years I want to run my own consulting firm as I did back in 2009-2010).

If I do take trips, I want them to be more relaxing, possibly focusing more on meditation or spiritual retreats.  Once this happens, you will start seeing a transition of, I hope.  Until then, I will keep posting more and more of my travel photos.