Registration Hotpot – Better way to stop spam accounts in WordPress


    themehybrid If you use WordPress like me with the majority of sites, you may have a similar problem that I do.  On 3 of my popular WordPress sites, I get nailed by more then a handful of spam accounts getting created each day.  For this blog, it got to the point where I actually had to stop accepting user registrations.

    Last week I read that ThemeHybrid released Registration Honeypot which was supposed to trick spambots from creating new spam accounts.  I tried it on one site and was amazed.  No new spam accounts.  I have now since added it to my two other sites and new spam user accounts were stopped as well.  In short, this plugin creates a hidden input field that only spambots can see.

    A great plugin and really simple idea.  I hope the developer continues to develop this plugin because I can see spambots finding a way around this in the near future.  Until then, my inbox is quite empty of new user accounts.

    Download Registration Honeypot here ->