In Almaty, Kazakhstan


    After waiting for roughly 3 months, I am finally in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to work at an international school.  I departed Saigon, Vietnam, reluctantly, last Saturday.  I flew with Air Astana nonstop to Almaty, Kazakhstan.  It was a pretty good flight, they even upgraded me to business class.

    Leaving Saigon was not easy, the weather was a great 32 C when I went to the airport.  The flight arrived late from Bangkok but once we got off the ground, I was eager to get into Almaty.  Still, I had one more hurdle left.  The Kazakhstan Consulate in New York gave me the wrong visa category.  This meant I had to get a new visa once I arrived into the airport in Almaty.  It would have went smoothly except the computers were having network issues do it took about one hour for me to get my new visa.  Still, I got out to enjoy the roughly -5 C weather of Almaty which, oddly enough, did not bother me.

    The HR manager and another staff met me at the airport.  They took me around the city getting a new sim card and dinner.  It was a good first day in Almaty.

    The next day was even better.  I got to see one of the best mountain views of my life.  The Altai Mountains are amazing.  See for yourself below.

    I will blog more but I burnt out my power adapter.  I just roughly got about 70% power left so I need to conserve it until I get the new adapter.


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