bang khuang cafe


Visited another coffee shop with my friend, Nga, last week called bang khuang cafe.  It is one of District 1’s best kept secret since the only way you can find it is through your group of friends. It is located just across of The Capital Place Building on Thai Van Lung street.  You can park at the cinema marking next to this building.

The owner of The Fig designed the interior for the bang khuang cafe.  It is a quite pleasant environment with a feel of Old Saigon.  I really enjoyed my cafe mocha sua da.  It is one of the best coffees I ever drank in Vietnam so far.  The owner is busy making your coffee but she will take the time to great you.

For me, bang khuang could finally be my replacement for Java Cafe.  I could spend a couple hours working here.

bang khuang cafe is located on 9 Thai Van Lung street in District 1 of Saigon.