Internet speeds at Al Frescos are amazing


Just look at the screenshot. It speaks for itself. Internet speeds are amazing in Saigon.


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  1. That is the speed between you and the local FPT server which is the ideal case. How’s the trans-pacific bandwidth these days?

    • At my house with VNPT, the speeds are:

      1. Server in Vietnam:
      12.63 Mbps Downloads
      48.69 Mbps Uploads (yes, I wrote 48)

      2. Server in San Diego:
      Timed Out

      3. Server in San Francisco
      Latency Error

      4. Seattle
      0.81 Mbps Downloads
      3.60 Mbps Uploads

      I think this answers your question? I moved my Linode VPS from Fremont, CA., to their data center in Tokyo.

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