Yamaneko Set Lunch

Well, after reviewing this post, I realized that the picture I took was from Yamaneko, a great Okinawan cuisine restaurant, not from Tokyo Deli.  Yamaneko is probably one of the only Japanese restaurants I really like in Saigon.

This set lunch was one of my favorite so far in the city for Japanese food.  Far much better then anything Tokyo Deli can offer.


Yamaneko is located on 13/1 Le Thanh Ton street in District 1.

  • Timen

    I am absolutely not a fan of Tokyo Deli. It is the opposite of quality.

    • When I visited with the owner, it was great. The second time it was terrible, the last time so so. It is not consistent.

  • Eky

    Hi Kevin,
    I refer to your blog for halal food and places to pray.
    Is this Yamaneko restaurant halal? Would like to try it.

    Btw do you have any idea if there’s a masjid/mosque in Haiphong, Danang and Quinhon?

    Much appreciate it.


    • Not halal, I just make sure there is no pork. I am part-Japanese so I have to have my Japanese food. I wish there was a halal Japanese restaurant here but unfortunately, there is not. 🙁

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