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Airline Commericials for Vietnamese Airlines

I am an airline buff, have been all of my life.  Hence in every country I live in, I like to find out about the airlines and aviation community.  I have met aspiring Vietnam Airline pilots, met real airline pilots and even met an aspiring air traffic controller.  Today I will post some airline commercials shown locally for the current 4 Vietnamese carriers that are in operations today in Vietnam.

Air Mekong

Partially owned by ExpressJet in the US, Air Mekong is flown entirely by American pilots.

JetStar Pacific

Formerly Pacific Airlines, JetStar Pacific is one of the low cost carriers in Vietnam.  Airfares are cheap, service just so so.

Vietjet Air

VietJet Air is well-known for it’s bikini clad flight attendents that got the airline into trouble on it’s inaugural flight.  Yes, I included the bikini video as well. 🙂

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines, my favorite carrier in the country, is by far the most flown airline in the country.  I get good service in each flight but I heard many complaints as well.

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