tech@SaigonNezumi Update for 4/4/2012


    Got a long update to tech@SaigonNezumi today including yesterday’s launch of Instagram for Android users. 🙂

    1. Instagram released for Android users

    What many of us Android users have been waiting for.  Instagram has finally released their popular app for Android phones. Currently more then 2000 users are downloading Instagram for Android per minute. I just downloaded my app today.

    See some of the Android Instagram screenshots here ->

    2. Instagram Plugins for WordPress

    There are several good WordPress plugins for users of Instagram.  Below are two good plugins:

    1. Instagram for WordPress allows you to add a sidebar with your latest Instagram photos
    2. Instagrate to WordPress allows you to updates photos from Instagram as a blog post
    I will use the later for my blog.

    3. Statistics for WordPress

    Still on the topic of WordPress, this site has some great stats about this popular CMS ->

    4. Best Android Apps for Programmers

    I thought this article was interesting, I never knew they were available. Read more here ->

    5. How To Make an External Mac Book Battery Pack for $60

    Very interesting article if you happen to need an external battery on the road. Read about it and watch the video here ->

    6. How to Send Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone

    I know some iPhone users are interested in sending secure messages to their friends, particularly secret girlfriends.  Try this app ->

    7. How To Create A Hidden Service Tor Site To Set Up An Anonymous Website Or Server

    For those that want to keep their online activity hidden, you will enjoy this article ->

    8. Dropcam /

    My last addition to the update deals with camera security.  Dropcam allows users to buy their webcam and store images on their cloud server.  It is similar to The only difference is that Sensr does not lock users into one webbam which makes it a better service in my opinion. Just make sure it has ftp capability and you can use Sensr.  If that is too hard for you, then stick with Dropcam.

    Protekus Security Solutions, my security company here in Vietnam, plans to offer Sensr packages with small businesses utilizing the available webcams in the local market, if possible.