NeoMask to fight traffic pollution


About a month ago, I left my NeoMask mask on my motorbike at the parking area in the Tan Binh District.  When I came back, I was surprised that somebody would steal it.  Who steals masks, right?  Well anyone, I ended up not using a mask for about 3 weeks.  Obviously that did not last long.  Hence I picked up another new NeoMask from my normal vendor near the church on Hai Ba Trung not far from the intersection with Vo Thi Sau street in District 1.  It cost me about 100,000 VND this time, I paid 90,000 VND for my last one.

The NeoMask is one of the better anti-pollution masks in the city blocking probably around 90% of the pollutants (My opinion).

Neomask anti-pollution mask in Saigon, Vietnam
Neomask anti-pollution mask in Saigon, Vietnam