tech@SaigonNezumi Update


I am finally back to writing about interesting tech news I find interesting.  I originally created tech@saigonnezumi for this but decided to move it back to

Below are updates for Tuesday, March 27, 2012:

1. New blog theme

My last SaigonNezumi theme did not agree with me.  I decided I needed a more responsive WordPress theme so I reverted back to a StudioPress theme and chose Eleven40.  I just installed it today and will spend the next couple days getting it configured.  It is working now as you can tell.  Since this theme is responsive, you will be able to view my blog on all different types of mediums.  You can view my blog now with your mobile devices.

I own a lifetime license for StudioPress’s themes so I can try all new themes when they are released.

More about the Eleven40 theme here ->

2. How to get an additional 23GB of Dropbox storage for 2 years

Three days ago TalkAndroid posted an article that showed Android users how to get 23GB of Dropbox storage for 2 years.  You just need to download their APK.  I downloaded it and now have over 30GB of Dropbox storage space on my HTC Desire HD.  Some people may be worried that after two years you will lose that storage space.  I highly doubt it,  by two years I would not be surprised if everybody will have around 100GB of free storage space.

Read TalkAndroid’s article here ->

3. How to access Facebook from Vietnam

Thanks to Pratik, @free_thinker, there is an easier way to access Facebook from Vietnam without having to use a VPN or free proxy server.  He updated his blog post to show users how to change their hosts files to access Facebook.  He includes help for Windows and Linux Users.  Mac Users just need to follow the instructions for Linux users.

Read Pratik’s article here ->

4. Useful WordPress Tools, Themes And Plugins

Another thanks to Pratik for this one.  Smashing Magazine published an article on the most useful WordPress Tools, Themes and Plugins.  The article listed many new responsive HTML5 themes to use for WordPress.  Another great WordPress tool that I did not know about was Ninja Forms which is free.

Read Smashing Magazines article here ->

5. Multilingual Plugin for WordPress

For most users of QTranslate, a free multilingual plugin for WordPress sites, the odds of getting a release compatible with WordPress 3.3 seems very slim now.  The developer has not updated his site for awhile.  It is probably best to move to WPMU’s premium multilingual plugin.  They offer two versions, the Multilingual Blog for $29 US/year or the Multilingual CMS for $79 US/year.  Both versions allow you to install on as many websites as you want.  Most QTranslate users just need the Multilingual Blog version.

Paying for a plugin that you really need ensures that it will be updated in a timely manner and helps support the open source community.

Visit WPMU website here ->

That’s my update for the day.  If you have any good tech articles you want posted during my next update, just contact me.