turns 6 years old today

It is hard to believe that just 6 years ago, I started  Just another day in Saigon was the first official SaigonNezumi blog post but many may not know, there was another one that I deleted for being too negative about Vietnam.  I forgot what that blog post was about but I remembered, I did not want to create another negative Vietnam blog that complains about the Vietnamese and their culture all the time.  Yes it was the norm then, still is for many Expats bloggers in Vietnam today.   I wanted to be different, at that time I decided I would be 90% positive about Vietnam.  In retrospect, I think I have been able to hit my 90% mark in the last 6 years.  Even better, my blog helped me get a more positive experience in living in Saigon which in turn help me get more Vietnamese friends.

The original goal for SaigonNezumi was just to have me write daily, if possible.    I failed there, last year SaigonNezumi was nearly shutdown but since I redesigned the site, traffic and ad revenue for this blog increased significantly.  With increased traffic comes praises, mostly from Viet Kieu, and complaints, mostly from the white Expat community.  When I meet people, I would also be given a lot of advice on how to change the blog, a lot of advice. They are much appreciated.

Six years for SaigonNezumi, nearly 8 years in Vietnam, things are still looking bright. (^_^)

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  1. RiinaKoch

    congratulations!!! keep up the good work… and btw, you have a new reader: my baby girl Elina was born 1st of March 🙂

    • kevmille

       @RiinaKoch Congrats on your new daughter.  Now you can stay up all night with your daughter and read my blog at the same time. 🙂

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