anphabe – the most hated spammers in Saigon


For those of us who live in Saigon, we all know who they are.  anphabe, a so-called social media site that claims to connect leaders.  For most of us, though, anphabe is just a spamming site.  I for one never registered for this site.  I was shocked to see an account created for me without my permission after they kept sending me emails.  I never subscribed to their emails yet I am always getting an update.  I unsubscribed and adding them to my Gmail spam box several timesyet again I still get emails from them.

It is one big scam and anybody who is attaching themselves to this company are just jeopardizing their reputation.  We are all getting tired of the social media clones in Vietnam.  Caravat was a failed venture and it was sad to see our data sold to somebody like anphabe.

Edit 1:  The founder of anphabe was also the founder of Caravat.  That answers a lot of questions.  I think they need to learn to respect the privacy of other people.  I understand that social media is a quick rich scheme for many people but “ethics” needs to be maintained as well.

Edit 2:  Some people contacted of of the same problems they are having with the spamming by anphabe.  Emails and also SMSs.  I remembered a couple of SMSs but not enough to annoy me.