Sites’n Bites – A Korean American Blogger in Saigon


Today I met up with Jen (@sitesnbite), the Korean American blogger behind Sites’n Bites at Coffee Beans.  She is a fellow Seattleite who has lived in Saigon for over two years and recently began working for one of the Big 4 auditing firms.  She has one of the few blogs I actually read.  The one post that caught my attention was Brown Butter Chocolate Corn Flake Treats.  She focuses on food and her travels in and outside of Vietnam.  You will love her posts from her recent trip to South Korea.

Her blog is a good read.  I am planning a Saigon Bloggers Summit in the near future so all of us bloggers can meet each other.

Sites'n Bites Korean American Blogger in SaigonSites’n Bites:
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