What irritated me this week in Saigon


A couple of things really irritated me this week. It has been awhile since I posted any irritations on my blog. Here are three for you:

Irritation #1 Blocked Motorbikes

The owner of this motorbike below is one of the laziest foreigners I have ever met and I met a lot of them.  This person had room to park his motorbike either up ahead or to the left of the Air Blade.  Instead he blocks all four motorbikes expecting the housekeeper or somebody else to move his bike.  This is how lazy he is, when I came home last week, he was walking towards me.  I unlocked and opened the house doors expecting him to close them.  Instead this lazy guy just walks in and goes straight up the stairs.

He is only here for a little short time longer.

Blocking motorbikes - Saigon, Vietnam
Blocking motorbikes - Saigon, Vietnam

Irritation #2 Sidewalk Bottleneckers

Last Monday I was headed to the Highlands Coffee at Somerset.  At the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai streets, there was a bottleneck created by the motorbikes that decided to bypass everybody and ride on the sidewalks.  Yes, this tends to be normal here but on this particular I was annoyed.  I even had time to take a photo since these guys pretty much stopped the traffic on NTMK.

Actually, to be honest, I always get angry when I, along with many of the Vietnamese riders who wait on the streets, see people take shortcuts on the sidewalks. Why don’t the People’s Committee install barriers and/or rails along all sidewalks?  Where are the traffic police?  This is a busy intersection.

Driving on the sidewalk during rush hour - Saigon, Vietnam
Driving on the sidewalk during rush hour - Saigon, Vietnam

Irritation 3 SCTV/FPT

Where I live, my landlord gets both her cable and internet through SCTV with FPT managing the internet.  As I am writing this, the cable and internet has gone down for the 4th time today.  Yesterday it went down at least 2 times.  Each week I see the SCTV and FPT guys walk through the house.  Nothing is resolved.

The internet connections have not been that stable in a couple months now.  The speeds are great, I will FPT that, but with the connection to the US has been terrible.  Gmail takes forever to open these days.  [Both cable and the internet came back online after being down for a couple minutes.]  What happened to the stable internet we had earlier this year?

SCTV down again - Saigon, Vietnam
SCTV down again
FPT down - Saigon, Vietnam
FPT down again

[Internet went down again.]

Oh the joys of living in Saigon these days.  Just three irritants though.  In my next post I will right 97 things I like about Saigon. 🙂

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