Hoshi paying Cat Toys on the iPad

Yes guys, it is possible, a cat can play a game on the iPad.  I downloaded Cat Toys Lite last summer but tested it out on Hoshi a couple days ago.  What I saw surprised me.  I placed my iPad at the end of my bed.  Hoshi was immediately interested in pouncing on the mouse.  I posted the 5 minute video, Hoshi playing Cat Toys on the iPad, below.  Sorry, for the first 2 and half minutes it is dark because I forgot to turn the flash on.

  • Be Bong

    Well, it is not necessarily that it is the mouse the cat is playing with. The cat can also chase a big red dot of light. It is the cat’s brain functions I don’t know much about. Yet, I am pretty sure of its perception. Even a real mouse can not always run away from a real cat once it becomes a target.

    • @Be Bong My last cat, Smokey, would chase mice and birds. He was good at killing them in my house. Hoshi is still a kitten and there are no mice in my room so the iPad will just have to suffice. 🙂

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