GoHalalPlanet – Vietnam Update


Thanks to my Malaysian friend, I had some good help in getting a major update for the Vietnam site of GoHalalPlanet.  More below:

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GoHalalPlanet had a very productive weekend in HCMC. There are many updates to the Vietnamese GoHalalPlanet site for Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang which are included below:

Nha Trang

Nha Trang now has a Halal Groceries in Nha Trang section. Citimart has a store in Nha Trang with some halal products from Malaysia very useful for any Muslim Expats or travelers in Nha Trang. We are also still trying to contact the two halal restaurants currently in Nha Trang.


For Hanoi, we added a Halal Meat in Hanoi section with three contacts for halal meat in the city. Muslims can buy either local halal meat (chicken, sheep, or beef) or imported New Zealand halal meat. We also updated the Halal Groceries in Hanoi section to include two Citimart stores.

Next week we hope to start updating the entire list of halal restaurants in Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh City

The biggest update occurred in Ho Chi Minh City. We added the Halal Meat in HCMC section with four local halal meat contacts and two New Zealand halal meat import contacts. It is now easy for any Muslims to get halal meat in HCMC.

The Halal Groceries in HCMC section has been updated to include 17 Citimart stores where Muslims can buy some halal products. This was one of the biggest surprises for GoHalalPlanet when we saw the large number of halal certified food products at Citimart.

We added 6 halal restaurants to the Halal Restaurants in HCMC section. They include:

  1. Pho Muslim
  2. Flavour of India
  3. Sari Indo (Parkson)
  4. Vicki’s Teppanyaki & BBQ
  5. Halal Street Food Vendor
  6. Kedai Zai Dah

They are all halal restaurants worth visiting. We still have about 7-10 more halal restaurants to visit and add to this list.


Yes, we will start to research for our next country site. We hope to provide information on all halal restaurants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.