Kazakh Beshbarmak in Saigon


Thanks to my Kazakh friends, Aigerim and Aika, I was able to eat my favorite Kazakh dish called beshbarmak here in Saigon.  The last time I had this dish was in Tennessee with my Kazakh friend, Murat, and his wife.  Back in my Peace Corps Kazakhstan days, I used to eat beshbarmak nearly everyday with my Kazakh host family in Karatau.  Boy do I miss this dish.  Everything Aigerim made tonight was homemade including the noodles.  It was very delicious, all the guests were full as per Kazakh custom.  It has been awhile since I ate horsemeat as well.  🙂

It is nice to have my favorite Kazakh dish in one of my favorite countries, Vietnam.  Kop rakhmet Aigerim and Aika!!!

Enjoy the pictures below: