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I have been using Woopra for the last month to keep track of my website. I plan to move to Google Analytics soon. Below are some Woopra stats for my blog:

Top 5 Countries (for visitors)

  1. Vietnam
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Malaysia

Top 5 Cities (for visitors)

  1. Ho Chi Minh City
  2. Hanoi
  3. Singapore
  4. Kuala Lumpur
  5. Toronto

The big surprise is that I get more visits from Malaysia the last couple of months. 🙂

8 comments on “Interesting Stats for”

  1. Lai rai

    The US ranks second because I could or may have click a few more in between from Seattle … perhaps.

      • Craig N

        You know, it is not nice to mess with the clinically PARANOID like this. I think I saw Tipper Gore follow me into work this morning, so have enough stress with the American thought police following me. I don’t need you flaunting Hanoi at me.

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