Tools I used since switching to a Macbook Pro


It is hard to believe but I have been using my Macbook Pro for six months now.  Oddly enough, I have no regrets, I really like it.  I have been staying up late at nights now developing some WordPress sites.  Using my Macbook has helped a lot.

In the past I used to develop on Linux desktops such as Ubuntu, Arch or FedoraThe Gimp was one of my favorite graphics programs.  Now I am using Pixelmator at the recommendation of Chris.  It is by far my favorite graphic’s editor ever.  Easy to use, worth the price.  Along with Pixelmator, I am using the Business Card Composer which is not only good at designing business cards, you can make good graphics, such as logos, as well.  I used both to design and edit the graphics and images at the Hakata Group‘s new website.

Yes I know the both are not open source but sometimes I it is okay to buy propriety programs.  Gimp is good, Pixelmator is better.

Still, I support open source 100 percent.  I am still using WordPress for developing websites.  I really love Studiopress‘s Genesis Framework and WooTheme‘s Canvas theme. uses the Canvas theme while Hakata Group uses a child theme from Studiopress.  Both are open source I a support these two theme developers buy buying their themes.    Studiopress’s themes are open source while WooTheme’s are premium themes.  Both offer great themes but if you want some premium themes developed from scratch, you can use the services of Viivue in Saigon.  They design themes for WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

To top things off, all of my websites are run on the CentOS server with the Nginx web server in the US and Vietnam, both open source as well.

Overall, I am happy with my Mac and glad that I can still use open source in my daily work whenever possible.  By the way, if some of you do not know it, OS X is derived from Darwin, the open source version of OS X (Unix).

Software purchased for the Macbook Pro

Business Card Composer
Business Card Composer

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