Hue Street Food in Tan Binh District

Today I had some Hue street food in the Tan Binh District.  This is one of my favorite street food vendor in Saigon.  This place is run by a family during the evenings for most of the year except during the Tet holidays.  The prices are good and the food is always good.  Great place for take away if you just want a quick meal on your way home.

This street vendor is just opposite of Bo ne 2 Chi Em (12-14 Xuan Dieu, Tan Binh district).  Try to go between 6 and 9 pm if you want to get some good Hue food.  Remember, when the food runs out, the street vendor closes.  This place is definitely worth a visit for Expats and tourists alike.


  • Huy

    That looks delicious, familiar with the white ‘banh’, but not the clear one, with full of shrimp flavoring on top.

  • James

    What do the numbers written on their wall mean?

    • The bottom numbers are mobile numbers but I am not sure about the top part.

      • Phu

        It’s an ad for concrete drilling and cutting service (Khoan cat be tong). It’s not legal advertisement though and it’s a headache to every house owner in Saigon for dirtying their walls..

  • Subramanian Velu

    can i know the Zip code for Tna binh district ward number 10 ?

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