Hoshi update – bath day

Another Hoshi update.  He has been sick for a couple weeks now. That is one of the risks dealing with feral kittens.

The vets have seen him a couple of times.  He has an inflammation in his digestive system causing Hoshi to have diarrhea and a fever.  Y wanted to send Hoshi to an animal hospital for surgery but the risks were too high.  The odds of him dying within a week were too great.  His wife felt that Hoshi would recover on his own since he was still eating and drinking a lot.  Hoshi gained about 0.5 kilos in one week.  Hence it was decided to wait a week to see how he is doing.

Yesterday his litter became normal again.  His fever is down.  I even gave him a bath today since he got a bit dirty yesterday.  He is still not very active but hopefully within a week, he will be active again.   He is probably one of the most mellow cats I have ever owned.

Hoshi after his bath

Hoshi drying off

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  1. Kenny

    It seem like he is doing better, I hope he get well soon. His eyes in the first picture are kinda scary ><.

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