Linux/Unix runs my life

I was going my Popular Posts and ran across a post from February, 2009, titled Linux Runs My Life.  Boy have things changed since I wrote that article.  Back in 2009, I was anti-Apple.  Now I run two Apple devices.  Still, I use Linux in all aspects of my life.  Inside my Mac, I run open source whenever possible as well.

Below is my current systems I run:

  • Macbook Pro OS-X with bluetooth keyboard, magic mouse with external monitor
    • CentOS Server 5.6 (VirtualBox)
  • iPad iOS
  • HTC Desire HD (Android 2.3)
  • Linode VPS (CentOS Server 5.6)
  • Digipower VPS (CentOS Server 5.6)
  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (Maemo)

Again, the biggest change is that I am using Apple more often now.  I have no complaints.  Notice that I no longer run any Ubuntu systems.  I finally gave up on Ubuntu and I doubt I will run another Ubuntu desktop in the future.  I will stick with Fedora Core for my next desktop.

What are you all running now?  I anticipate an increase of Apple users from the Linux crowd now.

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  1. Russ

    Ubuntu on my laptop, PPC powermac sitting in the corner collecting dust for over a year. Got my Mom and Girlfriend to switch to Ubuntu and my girls father on to Linux mint.

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