Moving blog to


Edit 2: and it subdirectories have all been migrated to 🙂  It was very painless.  The only issues I had were trying to figure out how to add subdomains to nginx.  It was actually very easy.  I am now managing my emails with Google Apps instead of running my own mail server.

Edit 1: At 11:20 PM Saigon time, has now been moved over to Linode.  I am still waiting for my other two domains to propagate to Linode.

Well, after spending one year with Bluehost, I decided to move over to my virtual private server with Linode.  My blog gets a lot of traffic and in the last year, Bluehost has throttled my site up to 1 hour a day.  I have saw a significant decrease in traffic and revenue during the last year.  Hence I decided to use Linode and purchase the plan that allowed greater access to the web.  It should also mean an increase in revenue as well.  I will keep my company and client sites with Bluehost for the long term.

Currently I am migrating just the files over to Linode where I am currently running LEMP system, Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP.  Once this blog entry is posted, I will export the SQL for this blog to my desktop and then import it to the new server.

SaigonNezumi will go through some changes as well.  I plan to switch to the Canvas theme framework by Woothemes.  It is one of my favorite themes right now which I currently use with  I also plan to make it multilingual.  A friend will start translating my blog into Vietnamese for me hopefully within the month.  I want to turn into a Vietnam Portal.

Hopefully the migration will be completed by tomorrow.  Today if I have the time.