Protected: Crackdown against Bloggers in Vietnam – A Glimpse into Vietnam’s Future?

  • Can they arrest you too, or because you’re American? Therefore, it does not affect you? Anyway, it is great story to express the freedom of speech in Vietnam. You know, I believe that media journalists allow to say something, but not bloggers because journalists have license and bloggers do not.

    • Hi Hank, no they cannot arrests Foreigners since my blog is located outside of Vietnam. The original blog law was going to affect all bloggers in Vietnam, including Expats, but in the end they changed and removed that part.

      My blog is not critical of Vietnam or the government so it is okay, I hope. 🙂

  • Craig

    Whenever I hear mamby-pamby American “protesters” cry about censorship in the US, because they aren’t allowed to block traffic, or their employer is looking at their internet usage at work, I think about Vietnam. This is true censorship.

    If my last name were on this post, I wouldn’t even be saying this on your blog. Do I seriously think that I am putting my family in Vietnam at risk by saying this? No, but I wouldn’t take the chance.

    • You made a good point. Vietnam is improving though. The future is getting a bit brighter, Vietnam just still has some hurdles.

  • Sammy

    * please excuse the bad grammar

    The future of Vietnam is the same as it were before, nothing has change. The same party has been in power and whoever criticizes it will be put in jail as it was before. The difference is now people will know (thanks largely to the internet) if you are being put in jail so the sentence is a bit less hash. But remember this, for one blogger get caught and the story published on the news, there are countless others that do not get his/her story on the news (at least foreign English speaking news sites), so they spend years behind bars that even their families do not know where they are being held at.

    Since you are being an American and white, they not gonna put you in jail if you criticize them (putting you in jail put create a giant PR mess!). But they will deny your visa/work permit whatever once they figure out who you really are. And fyi, it doesn’t matter where your blog are located at, most of the bloggers get arrest are using blogging services located outside of Vietnam. Once they figure out who you are, they will “get” you one way or another, simple as that.

    FYI, a lot of time they don’t even bother to arrest you if they can shut you up the other way, they’ll just bring you up to a local police station close the doors and have a nice beat down. (I know someone been through this).