My poor AspireOne

  • Hello friend,

    I follow your blog from twitter, my tweet is @jalvarogonzalez and I like it.
    This summer I stayed in vietnam during 20 days and I visited many places. I’ve got a blog where I put the pictures and the text about my experience in Vietnam.

    Greetings from Spain.

    • Nice to meet you. A couple years back I met with some of the Spanish Embassy staff in Saigon. They were cool.

      Come back to Vietnam.

  • MIKE

    Sorry about the screen. ACER is that an American made laptop? Is that a common problem with them? I think that is the brand that I just had my sister-in-law purchase for the kids. Any idea how much it will cost to replace? Have a great day!

    • The hard drive is dead too. No more Acer for me. I think they are form Taiwan. I want a Macbook Pro but may settle for a Toshiba instead.

  • Toshiba make decent machines. Mine is over 10 yrs old and runs fine. I use it mostly for emails, and web surfing.

    • Yeah, I hear that. I like the Toshibas but in the end, I just bought a EeePC since I already have a desktop that needs rebuilding.

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