Early Birthday Gift from a Friend

One of my friends surprised me yesterday by sending me a birthday gift to my house.  What a way to brighten up a day.  She and her company sent me flowers and a birthday cake.  The flowers smell really good and the birthday cake was one of the most delicious birthday cakes I ever had in my life.

It is nice to have such good friends in Saigon.  Unfortunately I had to inform y friend that my birthday was on April 16th which is Friday.  Hmm, I guess I will get another birthday gift???  🙂

Birthday gift from a friend

Delicious Birthday Cake

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  1. Mike

    Happy birthday Kevin. I hope that you are still in VN when we get there as I look forward to meeting you in person. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. I am checking into the residency thing right now. By the way, isn’t the area you are living in now a high crime area?

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