Tomorrow is the last day of Tet

Tomorrow is the last day of Tet, finally.  This has actually been one long boring Tet for me.  Normally I would spend some time out of the city but this year I just felt like hanging out at home.  My alleyway, though quite loud on Day 2 of Tet, has been relatively quiet since with the exception of one yelling kid screaming.

I did get some things accomplished.  I finally finished Traders Guns & MoneyClifton let me borrow his book first but I was a slow reader so I had to borrow a copy later from another friend.  It was a great book but by the time I got to the end, I was glad to have finished it.  Still, I will get a copy a do a more thorough reading next time.

I met another fellow Linux geek on Day 1 of Tet named Pratik.  He has his own blog titled BirdBrain.  I also met Tung, another new Saigon blogger who authors Saigon in a Cup at the same meeting with Pratik.

Though tomorrow is Day 5 of Tet, I must work and update a website for Operation Reunite.  They will have an interview with CNN on Friday and this could be an official launch of the site.  I am using WordPress with the site and unfortunately a couple plugins broke some features that I will have to manually add such as the Facebook Add button.

By Friday, many people will start to return to Saigon for day 1 of their workday.  The rest will return Sunday night.  Saigon should still be a quiet city until then.  Just need to remind myself not to go out Sunday afternoon. 🙂

  • john

    im just curious, how would i go adding a facebook button to a website?

  • john

    manually that is

  • Hi Kevin,
    Hope your leg is doing better. At least Lunar New Year provided some rest for it 🙂

    If you have a chance, we’d love to get your feedback and thoughts about our Mimo service. We remember your comments from Saigonica long ago and tried to keep those in mind for Mimo.

    • Thanks. my leg is healing. I can lift again.

      I will test it out and let you know what I think 🙂

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