Annoying Neighbors

For the last couple months now, one of my neighbors started to renovate their house.  Since they had no place to part their motorbikes, they decided that the front of my house could be a great location.  In normal circumstances, I would not mind.  In the past, each of my neighbors rebuilt their houses so they had no choice but to park their motorbikes in the area near my front door.  They ALWAYS made sure that the motorbikes were moved when my housemate and I needed to leave our house.

This neighbor would not get the similar treatment from me or my neighbors.  For one, in the last 4 years that I lived here, the old lady from the renovated house always went through our trash.  At times, she would not even clean up the mess she made.  To make matters worse, the children from this house would steal my mail, open it and return it later.  I received many “opened” letters.

Hence, when they started to block my front entrance, I would let them know I was not happy.  Several times they found their motorbike in the middle of the alleyway.  It was not just me that did this, my other neighbors would take their motorbike from the front of my house and move it to the middle of the alleyway.  This makes it easier to thieves to steal them.

Nope, after two months they never learned but at least now when they see me, they run.

We are all wondering where they got the money to build their new house.  I suspect they may have been responsible for the stolen motorbikes the last couple of years in my alleyway.  There is a chance they also stole my black cat nearly two years ago as well.

It looks as if their house is nearly finished so I can get my free entrance back again…

Motorbike blocking - Phu Nhuan District

(I was trying to leave my house)

Motorbike blocking - Phu Nhuan District

(When I came home)

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  1. enat

    Hi Nezumi, I think you should be stronger in communication with them that it was really annoying, btw next time you can ask for help from the local community hall (at your ward) I sympathy with you coz sometime my neighbors are not kind at all. I hate them.

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