Free and Open Source Software Feature on VTV (Vietnam)

I mentioned over a month ago that VTV visited my Linux Lab.  A couple weeks ago they aired the 10 minute segment on VTV.  I know several of the guys featured on the program including An Nguyen of SaigonLUG and Professor Son from the University of Education.   The open source community is starting to grow in Saigon but it still has 5-10 years to mature.  It is definitely more active then 5 years ago which is very positive.

My piece is at the 7 minute mark after the interview with Professor Son.  Oh, the entire clip is in Vietnamese…

Sorry for adding this late, I posted it on Facebook over a week ago and then just got lazy 🙂

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  1. Max

    hey mr. kev, they should’ve filmed that 2 years ago, when i was still in the school, so i probably would be the one who was interviewed 🙂

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