My Weightlifting Gym in Saigon

After a long long break from weightlifting, I decided to return last Saturday.  I used to lift all the time when I was younger but after I injured both knees in the Marines, I had to walk away to focus on my physical therapy.  I never got back to it but I missed it.

Since I spent most of my time overseas since 2000, starting to lift again has been difficult.  I am quite picky about the gym where I want to work out.  I cannot stand the clean yuppie gyms/health clubs.  I want a real weightlifting gym where you can drop the weights and just lift.  I hate the gyms where the guys have to look at the mirrors each time they lift just to look at themselves.  A mirror is help improve technique.

Well, thanks to my student, I found a gym not far from my house that I really love.  The guys who go there really want to lift weights.  The atmosphere and environment is what I have been looking for.  I only pay 120,000 VND a month.  The weight equipment are nice.  The only think I miss is a squat rack but overall, it fulfills 90% of my needs.

The owner, Tam, is really funny.  You will be amazed from his photo below to learn that he is only 52 years old!

Weightlifting in Saigon

Weightlifting in Saigon

Weightlifting in Saigon

Weightlifting in Saigon

(Mr. Tam, only 52 years old!!!)

  • Where exactly is this place?

  • rendonlloyd

    can you please tell me where is this place?

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