Masks, masks everywhere…


Yesterday I was surprised at the increase number of people wearing masks INSIDE of buildings.  It is normal to see them wearing masks on the motorbike but the scene at the Phu Nhuan Big C was surprising.

So far, only 936 people have been tested with H1N1 in Vietnam, 450 have been cured, and most importantly, no deaths.  Yet there is a scare across the city.

Hmm, why didn’t I think about importing masks into Vietnam when the H1N1 scare started?

Public concern growing over influenza A

Edit: First A/H1N1 patient dies in Khanh Hoa


  1. The funny thing is that the masks do not prevent you from contracting the virus. They prevent you from spreading it. Why do you think surgeons wear masks during surgery? Not to protect themselves from the patient but to protect the patient from infection. So I consider anyone wearing a mask to be a carrier of the virus.

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