Swollen Foot – 6 weeks later


I know the guys from my Kendo dojo are wondering where I have been for the past 6 weeks.  I thought my ankle, a recurring injury since I hurt it back over 3 years ago, was finally healed but last week, it started to swell up again.  This surprised me a bit.  Injuries in tropical climates, such as Vietnam, just seem to take forever to heal.

I am now using Fastum Gel which, as my pharmacist told me, will heal help the ankle heal from the inside (translation, sorry).   Before, I had wrapped my ankle and used Tiger Balm to get the swelling down.  The pharmacist also gave me several other medicine, which, I used only once. He also wanted me to stop wearing shoes.

Swollen Ankle in Saigon, Vietnam

(My poor swollen ankle)

Swollen Ankle in Saigon, Vietnam

(Fastum Gel)

Swollen Ankle in Saigon, Vietnam

(The other meds which I used only once)